Planting Time

After the flu and food poisoning last month (which followed a face-swelling spider bite in February), I decided to say good-bye to sickness and hello to spring.

Spring said hello back!

snoopy spring

The ancient dogwood – the one everyone told me to cut down because it would never bloom again – is rioting at the front corner of the house.

old dogwood

My nephew gave the front lawn its first mowing. Although it is still mottled, the overly-fragrant tops of the wild onions are gone. Once the rain passes and the grass clippings dry out a bit, I will disperse them with a bow rake.

John mowing lawn         First mowing

I had already soaked and planted about 20 speckled pinto beans and had them on the kitchen window sill. Knoxville had a final hard freezes the nights of March 27 and 28, so I held off on planting anything outside until the 29th. Then, into pots and egg cartons went seeds for pickling cucumbers, pattypan squash, pumpkins and rocket salad. Each empty seed packet is in a zipped plastic bag for identification, tucked into the appropriate bit of potting soil.

sping plants on wall

I bought tomatoes and flats of romaine lettuce and spinach and transplanted them into larger flats. Two dozen snapdragons went around the front stoop; I will save their seeds for swapping and propagation next year.

I still need to sow carrots and Sweet Williams, Four O’clocks and potatoes. I may try watermelon, since I’ll be watering anyway.

In a Miracle of Nature, the two dead Japanese maples by the front walkway have roared to life! They had looked worse than dead all winter, to the point that I quit watering them, and I was waiting until the ground was soft before digging them up for compost. Now they are sending up more shoots that are thigh high and redder than ever.

Japanese maple sunny2

And, although they’re not hyacinths for my “soul”, I hooked a hanging geranium in place by the front door.

front geraniums5


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