I Love a Challenge!

Google map of 1905

Two years ago, I bought a historic house in Knoxville, Tennessee. After seven months of renovation brought the interior to the minimum level appropriate for habitation, I moved in and the renovations continued.

I am finally ready to tackle the great potential of my yard. The front lawn is almost a blank slate. To date, the only yard work I have done or contracted out has been to pull vines, prune pre-existing shrubs, plant two doomed Japanese maples*, free the brick walkway from its deep sod cover (see What Was Here Before: Front Yard), and have a load of gravel spread for parking in back of the house (see What Was Here Before: Back Yard).

This blog will cover my plans and whatever fruition to which they come. Knoxville has snow and freezing temperatures in wintertime, pleasant autumns and springs, and beastly-hot summers. Knoxville holds seed swaps and plant swaps every year and, since I have limited funds, I will be participating in those and will utilize the connections they provide. I do have access to some free help, and so am hopeful that significant progress will be made during this calendar year.

cold Knoxville    hot Knoxville

record temps KV

Check back soon for exciting developments!

yards icon


*Check the Planting Time post for update on the Japanese maples.


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